RB Concept TURBO Glow Plug for your Nitro Engine No.7 Cold - RB01051-7

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RB Concept TURBO Glow Plug for your Nitro Engine No.7 Cold - RB01051-7


RB One
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RB Concept TURBO Glow Plug for your Nitro Engine No.7 Cold

Choosing the right glowplug for your engine is not so difficult as you think it is, just keep some simple rules in mind.

There are 2 types of glowplugs available, the "NORMAL" and the "TURBO" type.
The "TURBO" type glowplugs have proven to give better performances to the engines compared to the "NORMAL" type, this is due to a better sealing.
On the glowplugs you will find a number, this number indicates the thickness of the wire and the higher the number the thicker the wire and as we say the "colder" the glowplug.
There are some rules to determine which glowplug number to used best:

The smaller the engine size, the hotter the glowplug.
The more Nitro, the colder the glowplug.
The hotter the outside temperature, the colder the glowplug.
The more RPM(long straights), the colder the glowplug.

When using a hot glowplug(low number, thinner wire) the engine will pick-up(climbing of RPM) more faster than when you use a colder glowplug, however because the wire is thinner it can deform and break more easier.

In general we advice you not to use more then 25%(.28/.21) or 20%(.15/.12) nitro in your engines, this because indeed the more nitro you use the more power but also it will be more difficult to set the engine and when the engine is set wrong, it will overheat more easily and damage can also occur more easily. The other problem there is with using more nitro is that the nitro is very aggressive and can increase the chance of your engine getting oxidised (rusting of the steel parts) with all the possible problems afterwards.

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