Blade mCP S Collective Pitch Micro Helicopter (Bind-N-Fly) - BLH5180

Blade mCP S Collective Pitch Micro Helicopter (Bind-N-Fly) - BLH5180

Blade mCP S Collective Pitch Micro Helicopter (Bind-N-Fly)

The Blade mCP S is a great way to step up from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Its size makes it ideal for indoor flights, while linear servos, durable composite frame, and carbon main shaft and tail boom provide exceptional durability. The low part count makes repairs quick and easy. There is plenty of punch in the stock brushed motor, and more to be found with the optional micro brushless motor (sold separately).
Exclusive SAFE and AS3X technology help keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly. Three progressive flight modes allow this heli to grow with each pilot’s skill level, making it great for intermediate pilots to pick up with the assurance of panic recovery. A vivid red canopy design makes it easy to keep orientation when learning advanced manoeuvres.

SAFE and AS3X Technology Equipped Fight Modes
The mCP S is equipped with Horizon Hobby's revolutionary flight control software, SAFE and AS3X Technology, allowing you to control your flight experience at the flick of a switch. The mCP S is equipped with three different flight modes and panic recovery that can grow with every intermediate pilot.

Stability Mode: Provides renowned self-levelling and bank angle limits. This mode is great for those getting a feel for the helicopter, or practicing orientation before stepping into more advanced modes.
Agility Mode: This mode does not provide any self-levelling and allows the pilot to perform mild 3D manoeuvres such as inverted flight, flips, rolls and aggressive aerobatics. The rotor head speed is limited to a lower RPM in this mode.
3D Mode: This mode does not provide any self-levelling and allows the pilot to perform full 3D manoeuvres such as inverted flight, funnels, and much more. The rotor head speed is increased to a higher RPM in this mode.
Panic Recovery Mode: At the flick of a switch, panic recovery will return the helicopter to a safe and level flight when the pilot gets into an uncomfortable orientation or manoeuvre.


  • The mCP S comes with two flight batteries out of the box, with both the Ready-to-Fly and Bind-n-Fly models, for even more indoor 3D fun.
  • Light and extremely durable components, like the carbon fibre tail boom, frame this micro helicopter allowing pilots to get back in the air after most crashes.
  • Built on the popular mCP X platform, the mCP S pushes the envelope of micro 3D flight, made even more enjoyable with the peace of mind of SAFE and AS3X Technology
  • Loving the 3D performance and wanting to kick it up a notch? The optional brushless motor and ESC combo upgrade takes the performance of the mCP S to the next level. Switching to the motor is quick and easy, it only takes a couple screws and a single connector.
  • Linear cyclic micro servos drive the swashplate for durable and responsive control in any situation.
  • The simplicity of this helicopter and reduced part count make repair costs and repairs a breeze.

Type - Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless
Experience Level - Intermediate
Recommended Environment - Indoor/Outdoor
Main Rotor Diameter - 240mm (9.4 in)
Rotor Blade Length - 110mm (4.3 in)
Gross Weight - 1.7oz (49g)

In the Box
Blade mCP S BNF Helicopter
2 x 210mAh 40C LiPo Battery
USB LiPo Battery Charger

Required to Complete
6+ Channel Spektrum DSMX Compatible Transmitter

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