Etronix Soldering Jig Board with Helper - ET0613

Pre-Order Etronix Soldering Jig Board with Helper - ET0613

Etronix Soldering Jig Board with Helper

New and updated, the Etronix Soldering Jig now features an extended foot plate with adjustable helping crocodile clip grip for even more useful multi-tasking jobs.

Now you can solder like a pro all those different connectors and leads without worrying about how to hold everything and not burn yourself in the process.

The jig holds firmly and safely most popular types of plugs and connectors and is temperature resistance. Quite possible the best one time purchase you will ever make.

Connector Held - Banana plug connectors (0.8mm-10mm) T-plug connectors, mini T-plugs, MPX, Traxxas & XT60
Material - Solid Phenolic block
Dimensions - 150mm x 130mm
Weight - 191g

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    Brand: Etronix
  • Product Code: ET0613
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  • £39.00

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