Graupner HoTT Fan 1800 Brushless Electric RC Sailplane (Plug-N-Play) - 9920-100

Pre-Order Graupner HoTT Fan 1800 Brushless Electric RC Sailplane (Plug-N-Play) - 9920-100

Graupner HoTT Fan 1800 Brushless Electric RC Sailplane (Plug-N-Play)

The Graupner HoTT-FAN is a particularly attractive RC model. The HoTT-FAN is equipped with a highly efficient folding fan unit. This motor provides the HoTT-FAN with very good climbing performance and generates a pleasing noise similar to a turbine. In this regard the model comes very close to its full-size version, the Super Salto by Bob Carlton. The original aircraft is powered by a PBS TJ-100 turbine. As with the full-size version, it can perform particularly impressive high-speed airfield fly-pasts at very low altitude. During landings, its incredibly good glide performance can be compensated by extending the motor, which then acts as an air brake.

Simply push on the fixed-wing halves, screw on the V-tail and the model is assembled in all its glory. Once the transmitter, receiver and the LiPo battery (Not included) are connected, the model is then ready for take-off.

Finished model made of Graupner SOLIDPOR® hard foam, separable air foil with CFRP strut. Finished fuselage with installed folding motor and removable canopy. Brushless motor HPD 2512-5000, includes Brushless speed controller 22 and 58mm impeller installed ready for operation. 4 x mini servos installed and ready for use, decals applied/painted. Detailed operating manual containing extensive tips for initial flights.


  • Plug-N-Play model
  • Ready to fly in just a few minutes
  • Folding motor, Elevator, Rudder and Aileron
  • Attractive semi-scale design
  • Full aerobatic capability
  • Super flight performance with a 3S LiPo battery
  • Highly effective impeller folding motor
  • Can take off from the ground on a smooth runway
  • No gluing required on this model
  • Small transport dimensions 95x21x19cm

Wingspan - 1800mm
Overall Length - 810mm
Surface Area - 26.8dm²
Tailplane Area - 4.2dm²
Wing Area - 22.6dm²
Wing Loading - 31.7 g/dm²
Weight - 850g

In the Box
Graupner HoTT Fan 1800 Brushless Electric RC Sailplane (Plug-N-Play)

Required to Complete
6 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver
1600mAh - 2000mAh 3S 11.1v LiPo Battery with 3.5mm Connector
Compatible LiPo Battery Charger

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