HPI Baja Red Clutch/Shoe Spring Set (8000RPM) - 15449

Pre-Order HPI Baja Red Clutch/Shoe Spring Set (8000RPM) - 15449

HPI Racing Baja Red Clutch/Shoe Spring Set (8000RPM)

Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs.

Are you looking for more punch from your Baja 5B? Then take a look at this. HPI's 8000 RPM Clutch Spring for the Baja 5B allows the engine to rev to a higher RPM before the clutch engages, delivering more punch and higher engine response off the line. The 8000 RPM Clutch Spring is a direct replacement for the stock clutch spring in your Baja 5B comes standard with the High Response Clutch Shoe and Spring Set (15448).

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    Brand: HPI Racing
  • Product Code: 15449
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  • £8.99

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