HPI Flux EMH-80A Brushless Waterproof Sensorless ESC - 120026

Pre-Order HPI Flux EMH-80A Brushless Waterproof Sensorless ESC - 120026

HPI Flux EMH-80A Brushless Waterproof Sensorless ESC

With the capacity to handle 2S and 3S LiPo power, the Flux EMH-80A ESC is the perfect match for the #112850 MMH-4000KV 1/10th scale brushless motor.

Complete waterproof protection means you can use your car equipped with the Flux EMH-80A in the wettest of conditions, or when the weather's warm, a large fan sits on top of the case inside a protective cover to keep things cool.


  • Water-resistant* and dust-proof. The ESC has been designed to work in wet conditions
  • 2- or 3S Capable
  • Compatible with sensorless brushless motor
  • 3 Running modes (“Forward with brake” mode, “Forward/Backward with brake” mode, and “Rock Crawler” mode)
  • Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag-brake force adjustment
  • 9 Punch modes from “Soft” to “Very aggressive” to be suitable for different chassis, tyres and tracks
  • Low voltage cut-off protection for LiPo or NiMh battery
  • Over-heat protection
  • Throttle signal loss protection
  • Motor blocked protection
  • Easily programmed with the “SET” button on the ESC

Continuous Current - 80A
Burst Current - 540A
Resistance - 0.0004 ohm
Application - 1/10 scale On-Road and Off-Road
Motor Limit:-
1) 2S LiPo/6 cell NiMh; On-Road: ≥ 5.5T; Off-Road: ≤ 6000Kv; 3650 Size Motor
2) 3S LiPo/9 cell NiMh; On-Road: ≥ 8.5T; Off-Road: ≤ 4000Kv; 3650/3660 Size Motor
Battery - 4-9 cells NiMh or 2-3S LiPo:-
1) For 4-6 cells NiMH or 2S LiPo: You don’t need change the 5v cooling fan on the ESC
2) For 7-9 cells NiMH or 3S LiPo: You must change the original 5v cooling fan to 12v cooling fan, or supply the 5v cooling fan from the receiver (5-6V)
Built-in BEC - 6V/2A Switching
Program Port - Multiplexed with cooling fan port
Motor Type - Sensorless Brushless
Dimension - 46x34x35mm
Weight - 82g

Use with 112850 Flux MMH-4000KV Brushless Motor

*NOTE: Before driving in wet conditions, make sure that all electronics fitted to the vehicle are safe to use (marked as water-resistant or waterproof), or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as in a sealed receiver/battery case). Fans mounted on speed controllers are not water resistant - we recommend disconnecting the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions and allow it to dry fully before reconnecting the fan power. Lubricate exposed metal drivetrain parts such as bearings, outdrives and diff shafts before driving in wet conditions. Motors are not intended for submerged use and may be damaged if used when under water. After driving in wet conditions, make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater with plain water and re-lubricate metal drivetrain parts.

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