Mtroniks Hydra 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller for Boats - HYDRA30

Mtroniks Hydra 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller for Boats - HYDRA30

Mtroniks Hydra 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller for Boats

The Hydra30 is a forwards and reverse Brushless motor speed control designed specifically for use in scale RC boats. It is aimed at entry level for people new to Brushless technology.

The Hydra30 has a 30Amp Brushless motor limit, this is a rough equivalent to a standard 550/600 can Brushed motor. The Hydra30 is best suited to small scale RC boats to be used at scale speeds.

Although the Hydra30 performs to a very high standard and is more than a match for any Brushed motor and speed control equivalent.

The Hydra30 Brushless speed control has been designed to fit straight into any RC model boat as a direct replacement for your Brushed speed controller. The setup is a no nonsense, one-step procedure making it very easy to get up and running in under a minute! The Hydra brushless controllers are all 100% waterproof giving you that extra peace of mind should the worst happen and you have to retrieve your model from the graveyard under the pond!!

The Hydra30 benefits from 5 years worth of research and design work carried out by the Mtroniks design team with help from a few well known RC scale sailors. What this has resulted in is a Sensorless Brushless speed controller that works and feels just the same as a Brushed speed controller, giving you absolute control over the throttle with very smooth acceleration and the added bonus of longer run times when compared to equivalent Brushed speed controllers!


  • Auto set up
  • Forwards and reverse
  • 6.0 to 12.0V  Operation
  • 30A motor limit

Product Type - Marine speed Controller
Motor Type - Brushless Sensorless
Current Limit - 30 Amps
Direction - Forwards/Reverse
Battery Type - NiCAD/NiMh/Lead Acid/LiPo
LiPo Safe - Yes
Operating Voltage - Maximum 12 Volts
Setup - Digital 1 touch
BEC - 1.5A
Motor Short circuit protection - Yes
Thermal overload protection - Yes
Failsafe - Built in
Dimensions - L42mm x W27mm x H16mm
Weight - 40g

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