Multiplex RR Dogfighter SR Plane with Brushless Motor (ARTF) - 25264251

Pre-Order Multiplex RR Dogfighter SR Plane with Brushless Motor (ARTF) - 25264251

Multiplex RR Dogfighter SR Plane with Brushless Motor (ARTF)

Very little can beat the thrill of an R/C pylon race or dogfight, particularly when flying a model as agile yet as comfortable at speed as the DogFighter. Don’t discount aerobatics either - this one performs them with aplomb.

The outstanding features of a real dogfighter are speed, agility and precise control response, all of which are mirrored in this exciting aerobat. If you're capable of handling this level of performance you'll soon have your nose in front when racing and will hold the best cards in a classic dogfight, too!

Noted for its ability to perform advanced, precise aerobatics the Dogfighter excels when flying at speed so you’ll simply love zooming, diving, and maximum-speed grass cutting passes. Then, when you’ve finished punching holes in the sky, get some friends together, fit streamers and enjoy the challenge of combat flying. With the aggressive look and sleek lines of a Reno racer you might expect the DogFighter to be tricky at low speed - not at all. The model’s slow flight characteristics are superb and landings can be as gentle as you like.


  • Low minimum speed
  • Spectacular top speed
  • Extremely neutral handling and precise response to control input
  • Very robust thanks to ELAPOR® construction
  • Detachable wing for ease of transport
  • Removable canopy for easy battery swap
  • Velcro strap for secure battery retention
  • Down-thrust and side-thrust can be accurately fine-tuned
  • Rudder function can be easily retro-fitted; all parts (except servo) included
  • Functions with Aileron, elevator, throttle, optional rudder

Wingspan - 882 mm
Overall Length - 812 mm
Weight - 850g (approx.)
Wing Area - 19 dm²
Wing Loading - 45 g/dm²

In the Box
Multiplex RR Dogfighter SR Plane with Brushless Motor (ARTF)
Pre-Installed HIMAX C3516-1130 Motor
Pre-Installed MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC Speed Controller
10 x 7" Propeller
Pre-Installed Nano-S Servo x 3
Instruction Manual

Required to Complete
6-Channel Transmitter & Receiver
3S 11.1v 2200mAh LiPo Battery with Multiplex Plug
Compatible LiPo Battery Charger

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