S-Workz Silicone Diff Oil 1500 CPS 60cc (2oz) Bottle - SW-410043

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S-Workz Silicone Diff Oil 1500 CPS 60cc (2oz) Bottle - SW-410043


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S-Workz Silicone Diff Oil 1500 CPS 60cc (2oz) Bottle

S-Workz silicone diff oils have been developed to offer long life, consistent performance and superb value. These are manufactured under laboratory conditions and are excellent in sealed geared diffs both 1/10th and 1/8th.      

Diff Oils Guide
Using different thickness / viscosity of diff oil is a critical tuning option for your car. By altering the thickness of oil it adjusts the way the car drives through corners and accelerates out of corners by adjusting how much drive there is to each wheel.  

Front Diff
Thinner - This increases steering into corners (when off-power) If the oil is too thin the steering may become inconsistent, especially it can lose forward traction (and steering) during acceleration out of corners as the power can be sent to the outer wheel and not the inner wheel.    
Thicker - This increases stability into corners during braking making the car feel more stable Increases steering on-power at corner exit  

Centre Diff
Thinner - Front wheels unload more during acceleration decreases on-power steering (reduces over steer) Easier to drive on rough tracks If a high-power engine is used you could waste too much power and sometime “cook” the oil in the centre differential because it “overloads”  
Thicker - More all-wheel drive effect Better acceleration Increases on-power steering (reduces under steer) Better suited on high-bite, smooth tracks Car can be more nervous to drive especially if a high power engine is used - you might need to be smooth on the throttle  

Rear Diff
Thinner - Increases cornering traction Increases steering into corner.  
Thicker - Decreases rear traction while cornering.

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