Traxxas EZ-Peak Live LiPo, NiMh Battery Charger Combo with 2 x 14.8v 6700mAh 4S Li-Po Batteries - TRX2993T

Traxxas EZ-Peak Live LiPo, NiMh Battery Charger Combo with 2 x 14.8v 6700mAh 4S Li-Po Batteries - TRX2993T

Traxxas EZ-Peak Live LiPo, NiMh Battery Charger Combo with 2 x 14.8v 4S 6700mAh Li-Po Batteries

The Traxxas EZ-Peak Live "8S Completer Pack" is the perfect complement to your X-Maxx 8S system. The pack includes two 4-cell 6700mAh iD LiPo battery packs for 50+mph tyre-scorching 30+volt power. Traxxas iD batteries are the easiest and safest LiPo charging solution when used with iD chargers. You just plug in your iD battery and press start. The iD charger handles all the settings and quickly gives you an optimised charge every time. The 4s capable EZ-Peak Live multi chemistry charger comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth to work with the EZ-Peak Live app for iOS and Android. The app gives you detailed information and advanced operation through a high-definition colour interface. EZ-Peak Live is the most powerful, versatile, and technologically advanced charger in the popular EZ-Peak iD line-up.

The 4S LiPo delivers 6700mAh capacity and 50C burst discharge rate for power, performance, and runtime worthy of the X-Maxx. Checking in at over 30-volts in 8s configuration, Traxxas 4-cell LiPos will stand X-Maxx on its wheelie bar and have it catching massive air as fast as you can grab the throttle. Built using the same sturdy construction methods as the Traxxas 2-cell and 3-cell batteries.

Charger Features

  • 100-Watt 12-amp output
  • Recognises Traxxas iD-equipped batteries to program and optimise charger settings
  • LED charge progress indicator
  • Optimised for faster LiPo balance charging
  • One button LiPo storage charge protects your battery investment
  • Advanced high-resolution peak detection delivers a perfect charge
  • Supports Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Application
  • Audible alerts
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Advanced Mode for full manual control through EZ-Peak Live App
  • Legacy support for all Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Built-in balance port for conventional LiPo batteries
  • Charges 5-8-cell NiMh batteries
  • Charges 2s, 3s, and 4s LiPo Batteries

Battery Features

  • Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Integrated LiPo Balance Charging Wires
  • Semi-Rigid Construction for efficient packaging
  • Oversized Discharge Tabs for minimum resistance
  • Hard-wired 12-gauge Maxx Cable soldered to cells
  • Centre Wire Exit for guaranteed proper fitment

Charger Specifications:
AC Input - 100–240 Volts, 50-60Hz, 1.5A
Charge Current Range - 1.0-12.0A
Discharge Current Range - 665mAh
Current Drain for Balance Ports - 665mAh
NiMH Battery Cell Count - 5–8 Cells
LiPo Cell Count - 2–4 Cells
Dimensions - 133 x 169 x 55mm
Net Weight - 526g

Note: Accessing some charger features requires a mobile device with Bluetooth® capability (sold separately) and the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Application. Available here for iOS and here for Android.

Please Note: LiPo batteries must be charged with a LiPo-compatible charger.  Never charge batteries unattended.  Only charge Li-Po batteries with chargers specifically designed to charge Li-Po batteries. NEVER use a Ni-MH or Ni-Cd charger.  Li-Po batteries, when not properly used, may burst and catch fire.  It is highly recommended that a safe pouch or fireproof container is used for storage and whilst charging the battery.  By purchasing this Li-Po battery, the buyer assumes all risks associated with its use.

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