Absima CR4S-V2 2.4Ghz Radio System 4-Channel Transmitter and Receiver - 2000010

New Absima CR4S-V2 2.4Ghz Radio System 4-Channel Transmitter and Receiver - 2000010

Absima CR4S-V2 2.4Ghz Radio System 4-Channel Transmitter and Receiver

The "CR4S-V2" is a 4-channel remote control including receiver, which uses the latest frequency hopping technology from ABSIMA.

Lightweight and compact design, as well as comfortable and ergonomic shape. In addition, the remote control has a "beginner mode" and is therefore suitable for people with less experience and children.


  • Description of the channels (the transmitter has 4-channels which are assigned as follows):
    CH1: Steering wheel
    CH2: Throttle lever (Trigger)
    CH3: 3-position toggle switch
    CH4: Push button
  • Reverse function (REV): This function can be used to set the direction of rotation of the steering servo/motor.
  • Trimming (TRIM): Adjustment of the straight run and throttle neutral position.
  • Dual Rate function (D/R): The steering angle and also the motor rotation power can be increased or reduced by operating this rotary knobs.
  • Failsafe function: This function determines what the receiver should pass on if the signal to the transmitter is lost (e.g. emergency braking).
  • Beginner mode: This function is intended for newcomers. In this mode the motor power is automatically reduced to 50%.

Transmitter Specification:
Radio System - CR4S-V2
No of Channels - 4
2.4GHz Protocol - ANT
Distance - >150m
Battery - 4 x AA (not included)
Low Voltage Warning - <4.2V (only NiMh Batteries)
Transmitter LiPo Compatibility - Yes (only LiPos with built-in low V protection)
Charging Interface - No
Antenna Type - Single
Temperature range - -10°C - +60°C
Size - 118x73x145mm
Weight - 130g (approx.)

Receiver Specification:
Receiver - R4WP-V2 (2020019)
No of Channels - 4
Antenna Type - external single antenna
Waterproof - Yes
Power - 3.5-8.4v
Failsafe - Yes (in connection with radio)
Temperature Range - -10°C - +60°C
Size - 30.2x18x13mm
Weight - 5g

In the Box
Absima CR4S-V2 2.4Ghz Radio System 4-Channel Transmitter
Absima R4WP-V2 2.4Ghz 4-Channel Receiver
Antenna tube

Note: The V2 version transmitter is only compatible with the new receivers 2020018 & 2020019.

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