Bittydesign Stealth 1/8 Buggy Wing with Wickerbill (White) - BDW-STHW

Pre-Order Bittydesign Stealth 1/8 Buggy Wing with Wickerbill (White) - BDW-STHW

Bittydesign Stealth 1/8th Buggy Wing with Wickerbill (White)

The wing itself is the product of many months of careful testing, design and prototype.  

The wing is designed to be universal and without claims of outrageous downforce improvements – it is a tuned balance and looks the bees knees.

Vertical stability vanes helps to keep the rear of the car planted in high speed corners.  The wing comes complete with decal sheet, screws and spacers for clips or screws regardless of the model of the car.

Also included in the kit is the wickerbill / gurney flap that is a tuning aid very much dependent on a driver’s personal feel of the car and the track layout.

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    Brand: Bittydesign
  • Product Code: BDW-STHW
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