BSI Slow Cure 30 Minute Epoxy Glue (128g) - BSI205

BSI Slow Cure 30 Minute Epoxy Glue (128g) - BSI205

BSI Slow Cure 30 Minute Epoxy Glue (128g)

Bob Smith Industries Slow-Cure 30min. forms the strongest bonds, is waterproof and more heat resistant than any of the other epoxies in the range. Of course when using it for bonding the only problem is the length of time needed to cure; for handling there is a wait of 8 hours and full strength isn’t attained until the 24 hour mark is reached. To best take advantage of its strength use it to fillet already formed joints. It can be mixed with micro-balloons to form a putty-like consistency which is ideal for the task, although using this technique does slow down the curing time, by around 25%.

Slow-Cure bonds best to clean, textured surfaces. Smooth, non-porous surfaces should be roughened with coarse sand paper to improve adhesion. Acetone and Isopropyl rubbing alcohol work as the best solvents for cleaning uncured epoxy from surfaces.

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