Carson Sound Unit for RC Off Road Cars - C906266

Pre-Order Carson Sound Unit for RC Off Road Cars - C906266

Carson Sound Unit for RC Off Road Cars

These engine sound modules are suitable for fitting to the vast majority of Tamiya models, and those from other brands using standard Tamiya style connectors.

The module is small and easy to install.  The sound module is super small, can be used with brushed and brushless models, easy to use and easy to install. A microprocessor reproduces the engine sound recorded on the real vehicles via a miniature speaker.

How it works:

  • Pass through lead supplies power to the unit by connecting between ESC and battery.
  • Secondary lead plugs into an unused channel on the receiver.  This is for supplementary power.
  • Y lead connects both sound unit and ESC to CH2.
  • Once set up, the unit responds to throttle position to give sound effects, so the sound is different at different revs.

Input Voltage - 6 to 12v
Volume Infinitely – Adjustable
Connecter Type - Tamiya
Dimensions - 90 x 40 x 28mm
Weight - 83g (approx.)

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    Brand: Carson Model Sport
  • Product Code: C906266
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