Dynamite 5oz Waterproof Marine Grease - DYNE4201

Pre-Order Dynamite 5oz Waterproof Marine Grease - DYNE4201

Dynamite 5oz Waterproof Marine Grease

This is the Dynamite Marine Grease - five ounce tube of marine grease. Useful for a variety of applications , allows boaters to apply grease easily and neatly to their models’ moving parts. Dynamite’s waterproof Marine Grease is a lithium complex grease with anti-sling properties that adheres to most surfaces.


  • Extra high performance
  • Great for solid and flex shaft applications
  • Lithium complex grease with anti-sling technology for superb adhesion
  • Outstanding structural stability and resistance to water contamination
  • Designed for use in multiple RC applications

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    Brand: Dynamite
  • Product Code: DYNE4201
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