HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux Ford GT Heritage Edition with 2.4Ghz Transmitter - 120098

New Pre-Order HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux Ford GT Heritage Edition with 2.4Ghz Transmitter - 120098

HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux Ford GT Heritage Edition with 2.4Ghz Transmitter

The amazing Ford GT helped launch the "retro classics" era of modern supercars, and now you can get it on the superb HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 chassis - and already painted in its ultimate classic racing livery colours! Fitted with colour-matching wheels, this car is an immediate head-turner and is ready to hit amazing top speeds thanks to its HPI FLUX power!

The RS4 Sport 3 FLUX features full-time shaft driven 4WD, a fully sealed drivetrain, waterproof 2.4 GHz electronics/radio gear, fully independent double wishbone suspension and adjustable oil-filled shocks so it’s Ready to Rock in any condition. Propelling the RS4 Sport 3 to speeds over 113kmh (70mph) is the Flux MMH-4000KV motor, controlled by the waterproof FLUX EMH-3S LiPo-ready speed controller. An enclosed box houses the 2.4GHz radio receiver, ensuring that you have constant control through the HPI pistol-grip steering wheel transmitter.

Underneath the detailed replica body is the RS4 Sport 3 chassis, the latest scale touring car chassis from HPI Racing! The HPI RS4 Sport 3 chassis features full-time 4WD, a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drivetrain, coil-over shock absorbers plus waterproof electronics. The fully contained drivetrain means there are no exposed gears, belts or drivetrain parts to get stuck with rocks or dirt. The car is completely assembled and ready to run, so all you have to do is PLUG IN AND DRIVE!

What sets apart the RS4 Sport 3 Flux from our other offerings is the HPI Flux brushless power installed in every Flux-powered machine. The RS4 Sport 3 Flux is fitted with the awesome Flux MMH-4000 motor, one of our most powerful motors for 1/10th scale cars. Thanks to the robust Flux EMH-3S speed controller, you can strap in your choice of 2S or 3S LiPo power (or a 7.2v-8.4v NiMH battery with a Dean's plug) to give the car an unbelievable power out of the turns and speeds of up to 70mph (124km/h) on the straight, when using optional gearing!


  • Full-time shaft driven 4WD
  • Fully sealed drivetrain
  • Waterproof 2.4 GHz electronics/radio gear
  • Fully independent double wishbone suspension
  • Adjustable oil-filled shocks
  • One-Piece Moulded Chassis
  • Low Profile Layout Design
  • Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive
  • Sealed Shaft Drivetrain
  • Bottom-Access Driveshaft
  • 4-Gear Metal Diffs
  • Double-Wishbone Fully Adjustable Suspension
  • Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Rugged Front Bumper

Scale - 1/10th
Length - 431mm (17")
Height - 127mm (5")
Width - 200mm (7.9")
Wheelbase - 254mm (10")

In the Box

HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux Ford GT Heritage Edition
HPI 2.4Ghz Pistol Grip Radio System

Required to Complete
6-7 Cell (7.2v-8.4v) NiMh or 2S/3S (7.4v-11.1v) LiPo Battery with Deans Connector
Compatible Battery Charger with Deans Connector

*To achieve 70mph you will require the High Speed Gear set (114569) and a 11.1v 3S LiPo Battery Pack.

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