HPI Spur Gear 47 Tooth (1M) - HPI76937

HPI Spur Gear 47 Tooth (1M) - HPI76937

Savage 25 High Speed Gear Good for 25+ Size Engine

Available now from HPI racing is a 47 Tooth Spur Gear for all Savage monster trucks. This addition expands the range of gearing for the Savage, giving racers and bashers more choices to help get the most performance possible out of their trucks. The smaller diameter of the 47 Tooth gear delivers higher top speed, and also makes room for the installation of a larger clutch bell without modifying the truck.

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    Brand: HPI Racing
  • Product Code: HPI76937
  • Availability: In Stock This item is in stock and available to buy now!
  • £7.99

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