Huina 1/14 Full Alloy 23-Channel 2.4Ghz V2 Excavator Version 4.0 (Ready to Run) - CY1580

Pre-Order Huina 1/14 Full Alloy 23-Channel 2.4Ghz V2 Excavator Version 4.0 (Ready to Run) - CY1580

Huina 1/14 Full Alloy 23-Channel 2.4Ghz V2 Excavator Version 4.0 (Ready to Run)

The radio-controlled excavator model that all lovers of the earth-moving sector were waiting for! Up to now there was no "COMPROMISE" between the toy excavator and the hydraulic excavator. With Huina 580 you will have in your hands the only one made entirely of metal, with exceptional performance, a realistic design all at an affordable price. This model arrives at your home completely assembled and ready to use, have fun!

Just like a real excavator! Huina 580 is built entirely of metal: tracks, wagon, turret, cabin, boom, pistons and bucket are all made of a strong and heavy metal alloy that will ensure resistance, durability and operational stability. This model uses powerful proportional control engines that allow you to dig easily and efficiently. All arm movements are independent and perform work geometries comparable to a real excavator allowing you to dig with wide beams and even below the level of the tracks. The continuous rotating turret hides a sound module, a smoke generator and the battery compartment easily accessible. The robust undercarriage, made entirely of metal, houses a pair of powerful engines connected to the tracks.

Your control station will be an intuitive 2.4GHz radio control with LCD display. With it you will manage all the movements, you will activate the sounds, the lights on the arm and the smoke generator, moreover the comfortable LCD display will show you the battery status of the model. The controls are ergonomically positioned according to the standards of real excavators and you will be able to manage movements simultaneously and effortlessly. And to increase even more the realism, the model is also equipped with a really working demolition hammer and a selector that can be interchanged with the bucket.


  • Fully assembled metal excavator
  • High stability with high digging force
  • High quality mechanical and electrical parts
  • Continuous turret rotation
  • Lights, sounds and smoke generator activated by remote control
  • 2.4GHz telemetric radio controller with LCD display
  • Proportional controls of the boom, bucket and turret
  • Batteries and chargers for the included model
  • Tracks: independent, forward/backward, against rotation
  • Turret: continuous rotation left/right
  • Main arm: up/down movement
  • Second arm: open/close
  • Bucket: opening/closing
  • Sound and Lights on the arm
  • Smoke generator

Scale – 1/14
No of Channels – 23
Battery - LiPo 2S 7.4v 2000mAh
Run Time - 40 minutes (approx.)
Carriage Length (Tracks) - 29cm
Maximum Width - 18cm
Maximum Arm Height - 48cm
Maximum Length with Extended Arm - 70 cm
Weight - 8kg (approx.)

In the Box
Huina 1/14 Full Alloy V2 Excavator Version 4.0 (Ready to Run)
Huina 23-Channel 2.4Ghz Radio System
Operated Demolition Hammer with Sorting Clamp
2S 7.4v 2000mAh LiPo Battery
USB Battery Charger

Required to Complete
AA Batteries for the Transmitter

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    Brand: Huina
  • Product Code: CY1580
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