Losi 1/4 Promoto-MX Pro Circuit Dirt Bike with Battery and Charger (Ready-to-Run) - LOS06002

New Pre-Order Losi 1/4 Promoto-MX Pro Circuit Dirt Bike with Battery and Charger (Ready-to-Run) - LOS06002

Losi 1/4 Promoto-MX Pro Circuit Dirt Bike with Battery and Charger (Ready-to-Run)

The Losi Promoto-MX isn't the first scale RC motorcycle that's ever been sold. But it is the very first one that accurately reproduces the full experience — and pure fun — of riding a real motorcycle. It's the long-awaited dream of RC hobbyists and dirt bike fans alike.

The unprecedented realism of the Promoto-MX goes much deeper than its faithfully detailed looks — the narrow frame, rider gear, and officially licensed graphics. Even more impressive is how successfully it captures true dirt bike performance, a breakthrough accomplished through a unique hybrid of mechanical and electronic technology developed specifically for the Promoto-MX. It's how these technologies work together that makes all the difference.

Promoto-MX electronics include a 2700Kv motor and steel flywheel that are both mounted in the centre of the frame. The motor spins the flywheel at over 22,000 rpm to create a gyroscopic force for unparalleled stability. Meanwhile, patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology takes your input from the DX3PM transmitter and commands the Promoto-MX to lean, turn, and control wheelies with unprecedented balance and finesse.

The mechanical technology is equally impressive. Losi's product development team studied full-size motorcycle suspension geometry to give the Promoto-MX the same terrain handling characteristics. A rising rate rear suspension provides superior grip and prevents bottoming out in landings. The completely new front fork design, with an internal spring and dampener, can be tuned by changing the silicone dampening fluid and also allows ride height adjustments. An innovative front and rear wheel braking system gives the bike impressive stopping power, cutting the stopping distance in half compared to rear brake only.

Both technologies, electronic and mechanical, are why the Promoto-MX performs better at high and low speeds than any previous RC motorcycle. For dirt bike fans, the "feel" of the Promoto-MX will be instantly familiar. RC car enthusiasts will discover a new way to drive that pulls you deep into the heart of the action — carving berms, skimming whoops, holding wheelies, and throwing roost.

Finally. An RC dirt bike that really works! Anytime and anywhere, just grab your Losi Promoto-MX, get in the zone, commit to your line, and begin to be the bike.


  • The best-looking and best-performing RC dirt bike ever made
  • New, patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology
  • Frame-integrated, high-RPM flywheel
  • Officially licensed Pro Circuit graphics and rider gear
  • Officially licensed Dunlop MX53 tires
  • Rising rate rear suspension
  • Powerful brushless system with 40+ mph speeds
  • Dirt, Street, and Wheelie Control drive modes
  • Collapsible front crash structure
  • Realistic rider figure with authentic riding gear
  • Functional, cable-driven front disc brake
  • Chain drive with dual disc performance slipper clutch
  • Hands-free starting stand included
  • Keyed bike stand included
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-run — battery and charger included

Scale - ¼
Vehicle Type - Motorcycle
Approximate Assembly Time - Less than 1 Hour
Body - Colour Moulded Panels with Wrap Graphics
Brakes - Front Cable Driven Piston/Calliper/Rotor, Rear - Motor Braking
Technology - AVC and SMART, MS6X
Pinion - 20T
Spur Gear - 50T
Gear Pitch - 32-Pitch
Drivetrain - 1WD
Motor Size - 540
Motor Type - Brushless
Chassis - 3mm Aluminium Plate
Shock Type - 16mm Big Bore Aluminium Shock
Wheel Width - Front - 28mm, Rear 36.3mm
Height - 17.3" (439mm)
Length - 20.2" (513mm)
Width - 10.8" (274mm)
Wheelbase - 13.9" (353mm)
Weight - 123.5oz (3500g)

In the Box
Losi 1/4 Promoto-MX Pro Circuit Dirt Bike (Ready-to-Run)
Spektrum Smart DX3PM 2.4Ghz Transmitter
Spektrum 5000mAh 2S 7.4V Smart G2 50C LiPo Battery with IC5 Connector
Spektrum Smart S120 USB-C Charger, 1x20W
4AA Transmitter Batteries
Starting Stand
Bike Stand

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