Optipower 4300mAh 22.2v 6S 30C LiPo Battery - OPR43006S

Optipower 4300mAh 22.2v 6S 30C LiPo Battery - OPR43006S

Optipower 4300mAh 22.2v 6S 30C LiPo Battery

Optipower lithium batteries deliver world class performance and reliability for radio control airplanes, helicopters, FPV applications, and large film oriented drones. Top tier competition pilots choose Optipower to edge out their competitors when pure power and consistency is needed at the highest level of competition. If you're looking for one of the most successful and reputable brands in the battery market, Optipower is the ideal choice.

Capacity - 4300mAh
No of Cells - 6
C Rate Continuous - 30
Max Burst C Rate - 80
Recommended Charge C Rate - 1C
Max Charge C Rate - 3C
Plug/ Silicon Leads - 12AWG (No Connector)
Balance Connector - JST-XH
Dimensions - 140mm x 42mm x 50mm
Weight – 645g

Please Note: LiPo batteries must be charged with a LiPo-compatible charger.  Never charge batteries unattended.  Only charge Li-Po batteries with chargers specifically designed to charge Li-Po batteries. NEVER use a Ni-MH or Ni-Cd charger.  Li-Po batteries, when not properly used, may burst and catch fire.  It is highly recommended that a safe pouch or fireproof container is used for storage and whilst charging the battery.  By purchasing this Li-Po battery, the buyer assumes all risks associated with its use.

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    Brand: Optipower
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