Overlander LSD AA 2300mAh 6v Flat 5-Cell NiMh Battery Pack - OL-2382

New Overlander LSD AA 2300mAh 6v Flat 5-Cell NiMh Battery Pack - OL-2382

Overlander LSD AA 2300mAh AA 6v Flat 5-Cell NiMh Battery Pack

The 2300mAh 6V flat NiMh battery is part of Overlander's Low Self-Discharge (LSD) AA range. This receiver battery is ready fitted with a JR Universal connector. Specifically designed to fit into receivers and transmitters, making them slightly shorter in length compared to other AA rechargeable cells. This makes them the perfect choice for those tight spaces.

With a high capacity of 2300mAh these LSD Cells ensure long running times and top performance. Featuring a super high cycle life of up to 1500 and maintaining 75% retention after 1 year, these cells are really designed to impress. Assembled to Overlander’s high standards, the Overlander LSD range is an extremely popular go-to for all NiMh battery requirements.

NiMh batteries provide the perfect starting point for beginners or users who are unsure of lithium batteries. NiMh packs provide huge power and durability for high drain applications. They are most commonly used in receivers and transmitters and give exceptional results and running times. The NiMh chemistry is improving by the day; they are effortlessly maintained with easy management and care. These key features make these rechargeable batteries an extremely popular choice.


  • Pure nickel tabs
  • Capacitor discharge welding
  • Kapton, Nomex or TMK insulating tapes
  • Soft silicone 0.05 multi strand wire leads
  • Gold plated plug pins for perfect contact
  • Overlander "Setting Battery Standards...Others Follow"

Chemistry - Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh)
Cell Size - AA
Capacity - 2300mAh
Voltage - 6v
Cell Count - 5 Cells
Configuration - 10
Connector - JR Universal
Range - Low Self-Discharge (LSD)
Length - 75mm
Width - 50mm
Depth - 15mm
Weight - 140g

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    Brand: Overlander
  • Product Code: OL-2382
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