Sky RC D200 Neo AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger for LiPo, LiFe, LiHV and NiMh Batteries - SK-100196

New Sky RC D200 Neo AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger for LiPo, LiFe, LiHV and NiMh Batteries - SK-100196

Sky RC D200 Neo AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger for LiPo, LiFe, LiHV and NiMh Batteries

The SKY RC D200 Neo AC/DC multi functional charger is the updated version of the D200 and incorporates features found on Sky RC's flagship T1000 charger. While the T1000 caters primarily to users charging larger batteries, it might be overkill for FPV drone pilots. Enter the D200 Neo – a more affordable, compact charger boasting a similar feature-set.

The D200 Neo offers two channels and can charge up to 6S LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon, 15S NiMH/NiCd and 12S Pb batteries. It has a maximum power of 200W on AC input and a massive 800W on DC input. The DC power source could be another battery or dedicate external Power Supply Unit (PSU), within the range of 10V to 30V. Its dual outputs offers great flexibility as it’s like having two separate chargers. You can charge two completely different types of batteries, with varying voltages. You can even be discharging one battery while charging another.

In addition to the XT60 sockets, there is a USB-C port which serves for firmware updates and is used for Sky RC’s data logging software. It can also be used to charge USB devices such as your phone, tablet or camera. The port offers 20W of power and PD/QC3.0 fast charging. You can also use the optional PCH-150 Power & Charging Hub to connect multiple devices and charge them simultaneously at up to 100W.

One of the great features taken from the T1000 charger is the support for coupling with the BD350 discharge device to significantly increase discharge performance. With the D200 Neo connected to the BD350 discharger, it becomes possible to discharge batteries at up to 40 amperes; allowing you to discharge batteries to storage voltage in no time. Furthermore, when connected to the Sky RC Charger Master, you can view the discharge curve in real-time. Various batteries' discharging curves can then be plotted for precise comparison and analysis, so defective batteries have nowhere to hide.

The D200 Neo isn't just a charger, it also functions as a digital power supply too. It offers a configurable 5-0V output with 0.1V increments and 1-15A current setting.

This charger also benefits from a user-friendly interface with a colour LCD display and a scroll button control. Furthermore with the Sky Charger app and the Charger Master software, you can control and monitor the charging process via Bluetooth or USB connection.

The Sky RC D200 Neo charger is designed with safety and reliability in mind. It has a smart ventilation fan, a precision aluminium unibody enclosure, and multiple protection features such as short circuit, overload, reverse polarity, over temperature and over voltage.

D200 Neo is not only professional in charging but also can act as a digital power supply. After clicks on the menu, D200neo is ready for your application, offering an optimal voltage of 5-27V with 0.1V increment, adjustable 1-15A current. Short circuit, Overload, and Reverse polarity protection are all included!


  • 200W AC charging power
  • 800W DC charging power
  • XT60 Battery Input Connector
  • Control via scroll wheel button
  • Lightweight and compact
  • With PD/QC3.0 fast charge
  • Compatible with Sky Charger App and Charger Master

Screen Size - 2.8 inch
DC Input Voltage - 10-30V
AC Input Voltage - 100-240V
Charging Power AC - 100W MAX x 2
Charging Power DC - 400W MAX x 2
Battery Types Cells - LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, LiIon - 1-6 Cells
Battery Type Cells - NiMh, NiCd - 4-15S, Pb - 3S, 6S, 12S
Charge Current - LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, LiHV, NiMh, NiCd, Pb-0.1-20A
Discharge Current - LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV/NiMh/NiCd/Pb:0.1-2.0A
Balance Current - LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV-1.5A MAX
External Discharge - 0.1-40.0A2
USB-C Power Delivery - 20W
Size - 116x110x79mm
Weight - 602g

In the Box
Sky RC D200 Neo AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger for LiPo, LiFe, LiHV & NiMh Batteries
3-Pin UK AC Plug with Lead

Note: No charging leads are supplied with this charger, you may require additional leads to connect your batteries!

Please Note: Batteries must be charged using a specifically designed charger for your battery.  Never charge batteries unattended, when not properly used, batteries may burst into flames and catch fire.  It is highly recommended that a safe pouch or fireproof container is used for storage and whilst charging the battery. By purchasing this charger, the buyer assumes all risks associated with its use.

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