Spektrum 6.6v 2200mAh 2S LiFe Receiver Battery - SPMB2200LFRX

Pre-Order Spektrum 6.6v 2200mAh 2S LiFe Receiver Battery - SPMB2200LFRX

Spektrum 6.6v 2200mAh 2S LiFe Receiver Battery

The Spektrum line of LiFe Receiver Batteries offer an excellent choice of capacity depending on each aircrafts unique needs. Featuring heavy-duty 16AWG wire, and secondary servo connector, providing power to your electronics has never been easier.

LiFe batteries have a lower nominal and fully charged voltage compared to LiPo, offering the ability to pair them direct with servos that are not intended for use with High Voltage that LiPo delivers. Most "6V" rated servos can run with LiFe without any additional regulators or BECs. Additionally LiFe batteries are much less volatile compared to LiPo in the event of a cell failure.

Application - Aircraft Receiver, Aircraft Ignition    
Cell Configuration - 2S1P
Connector Type - EC3
Secondary Connector – Futaba
Battery Balance Connector – JST-XH
Wire Gauge - 16 AWG
Battery Chemistry – LiFe
Battery Voltage - 6.6V    
Capacity - 2200mAh
Maximum Charge Current - 2.20A    
Maximum Charge Rate - 1C    
Continuous Discharge Current - 44A    
Continuous Discharge Rate - 20C    
Minimum Discharge Voltage – 5v (2.5v per cell)    
Normal/Standard Charge Current - 440mAh    
Normal/Standard Charge Rate - 0.2C    
Watt Hours - 14.52Wh
Balance Lead Length - 50mm    
Discharge Lead Length - 150mm    
Height - 21mm    
Length - 70mm        
Width - 49mm    
Weight - 132g (4.6 oz)

Please Note: Lithium batteries must be charged with a Lithium-compatible charger.  Never charge batteries unattended.  Only charge Lithium batteries with chargers specifically designed to charge Lithium batteries. NEVER use a Ni-MH or Ni-Cd charger.  Lithium batteries, when not properly used, may burst and catch fire.  It is highly recommended that a safe pouch or fireproof container is used for storage and whilst charging the battery.  By purchasing this Lithium battery, the buyer assumes all risks associated with its use.

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