Spektrum DSMX Carbon Fibre Fuselage Remote Receiver - SPM9746

Spektrum DSMX Carbon Fibre Fuselage Remote Receiver - SPM9746

Spektrum DSMX Carbon Fibre Fuselage Remote Receiver

The next generation of Spektrum remote receivers are here with the SPM9745 and SPM9746 Receivers. Featuring a user-friendly antenna setup that allows for the antenna to be placed in 2 positions, making installation into those tight projects easier than ever. Fully compatible with DSMX Transmitters*. Use these to add more receiving points on any Spektrum receiver that has 1 or more Remote receiver ports.

The SPM9746 Carbon Fuselage Remote Receiver is specifically designed and tuned for use inside a carbon fibre laden aircraft. Carbon fibre can create an RF shielding effect that can significantly reduce radio range when using conventional receivers and antennas. The carbon fuselage remote receiver features an antenna design that overcomes RF issues in these critical environments by allowing the active element of the antenna to be positioned outside the aircraft.

The remote receiver includes one 24-inch extension; however, various lengths of receiver extensions can be purchased allowing various placement options for mounting purposes. Additional remote receiver extensions are available in 6", 9", 12", 24" and 36" lengths.


  • Case design offers better strain relief on antenna lead
  • 22ms and 11ms Compatible
  • Upgrade for any Spektrum receiver with available remote receiver ports
  • Great addition to AR636, AR7350, AR9350, Carbon Fuselage Receivers, Telemetry Receivers and PowerSafe receivers
  • Includes 24 inch extension cable

Note: *DSMX Remote Receivers must be used with a DSMX Main Receiver.

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