Tamiya 1/35 British Infantry Mk III Tank (Unassembled Plastic Kit) - 35352

New Tamiya 1/35 British Infantry Mk III Tank (Unassembled Plastic Kit) - 35352

Tamiya 1/35 British Infantry Mk III Tank (Unassembled Plastic Kit)

This is an all new tooled model of the British Valentine Infantry tank in 1/35 scale. British armor doctrine in the 1930s up to the outbreak of WWII called for 2 types of tank - more mobile cruiser tanks and heavy, slow infantry tanks. The Valentine was a prolifically produced example of the latter (7,315 units, more than 30% of British tank production in WWII). It was based upon existing cruiser tank designs and relatively easy to manufacture, a critical point for the British military after it had lost so much material during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. The Valentine would see extensive action in North Africa, particularly the Mk.II and Mk.IV variants (they had different engines) depicted by this kit. Over 4,500 were also handed over to the Soviet Union under the lend-lease agreement, the Red Army using them mainly for recon work.

Tamiya has a reputation for detail and accuracy and this series is a perfect example of this. The Tamiya designers work from measurements and thousands of picture references of the full sizes vehicles, including every detail and facet, to produce the most detailed models in this scale in the world. The quality of these models is such that many museums around the world use the Tamiya 1/35 Military Miniature Series to depict history to the visiting public.                                               

As with all Tamiya items, instructions are clear and concise, in order to allow the modeller to build a detailed model with relative ease.


  • 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit
  • Completely newly-tooled kit
  • The boxy form of the Valentine hull is accurately recreated
  • Different surface textures are recreated such as plate metal turret sides and cast mantle parts
  • Comes with separate parts depicting side skirts for use on British Army deployed desert Valentines
  • The suspension features link-and length tracks plus multi-piece recreations of the 3-wheel bogies
  • Can be assembled with hull front and turret top hatches in open or closed position
  • Features 2 realistic figures (commander, gunner) for deployment in the turret
  • Includes two marking options, one British Army (North Africa) and one Red Army (Eastern Front)

Required to Complete
Tamiya Cement Glue
Tamiya Paints

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