ZAP PT12 Adhesive GOO Glue 1oz (29.5ml) - 5525695

ZAP PT12 Adhesive GOO Glue 1oz (29.5ml) - 5525695

ZAP PT12 Adhesive GOO Glue 1oz (29.5ml)

ZAP GOO bonds wood to fiberglass, metal to wood, plastic to metal, just about anything to anything with a strong flexible bond. ZAP GOO is an excellent adhesive for today's high tech composite airplane, boat, and car hobby products, and great for all of those fix-it, mend-it, seal-it, and stick-it jobs around the house. The excellent shock resistant flexible bond means your parts will stay put even when subject to high vibration and extreme shocks. ZAP GOO and its ability it stick various materials together makes it great for craft work including wood, clay, plaster, glass, and fabrics


  • All purpose adhesive & sealant
  • Bonds virtually everything
  • Dries clear
  • Remains flexible
  • Works where others won't

Works best on: Aluminium, Ceramic, China, Clay, Cloth, Fiberglass, Metal, Most Plastics, Plaster and Pottery.

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