Tamiya Subaru Brat 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Pick-Up Truck with 2 Bodyshells (Unassembled Kit) - 58384

Pre-Order Tamiya Subaru Brat 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Pick-Up Truck with 2 Bodyshells (Unassembled Kit) - 58384

Tamiya Subaru Brat 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Pick-Up Truck with 2 Bodyshells (Unassembled Kit)

Tamiya brings back another R/C classic with this Subaru BRAT. Long-time fans will once again experience the nostalgia of their childhood and beginners can enjoy the easy operation of this colourful off-road truck.

Subaru created the Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter in the late 1970's from their earlier 4WD station wagon model for the US market. Powered by a flat-four engine ranging from 1.6 to 1.8 litres in displacement, this pickup had the unique feature of having jump seats welded to the truck bed, which allowed it to be imported as a car instead of a truck. One of the car's more famous owners was former US President Ronald Reagan, whose red BRAT is restored and displayed at his former residence in California.


  • 1/10 R/C assembly kit of the Subaru BRAT, one of Tamiya’s early R/C creations
  • Same 2WD chassis as used for The Frog
  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • Full ball bearings to handle tough off-road driving
  • Comes with two body shells, one made of plastic material similar to the original BRAT for a nostalgic feel and one made from durable polycarbonate material
  • 540 brushed motor included
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Unit included

Scale - 1/10
Type - Assembly kit
Drive-train - 2WD

In the Box
Tamiya Subaru Brat 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Pick-Up Truck (Unassembled Kit)
2 Clear Bodyshells
Brushed Electronic Speed Controller
540 Brushed Motor

Required to Complete
2-Channel Transmitter and Receiver
AA Batteries for Transmitter
7.2v NiMh Stick Battery Pack
NiMh Battery Charger
Steering Servo
PS Polycarbonate Spray Paint for Lexan Body
TS Acrylic Spray Paint for ABS Plastic Body
Tool set for assembly

Please Note: Complete vehicle shown in photos are for illustrative purposes only. This model is a kit requiring assembly and additional items. See Required to Complete list above for full list of items required to complete the model.

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    Brand: Tamiya
  • Product Code: 58384
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